Bachelor's program "Russian Cultural Studies and Cross-Cultural Communication"


Basic courses

    Year 1 (courses are taught mainly in English).

    Core Modules

  • Russian.
  • Russian Area/Regional Studies. A comparative framework for understanding cross-cultural dynamics: Geography of Russia, History of Exploration through Film, Ethnic Minorities, Folk Culture, Multiculturalism, Women’s Issues,
  • Basic Religious groups, Media-landsape of Russia.
  • Russian History
  • Russia in the Global Policy and Economy
  • Social and Economic Geography of Russia: Economic and cultural regions
  • Russian Theatre: Opera, Ballet, Drama, Modern Trends
  • Russian Films

  • Optional Courses

  • *History of Russian Art-1 (a Telecollaborative Course with UGA)
  • History of the Russian Culture: Architecture, Fine Arts, Theatre & Ballet
  • History and Politics of the USSR
  • English: Advanced practice / ESP in case non-native English speakers need intensive extra classes

  • Year 2 (Courses are taught in English and Russian)

    Core Modules

  • Russian (continued)
  • Russian History through Art
  • Russian Museums and Exhibition Halls: Fine Arts Museums, Historical Museums, Parks and Mansions, Multimedia Art Museum, Contemporary Art Museums etc.
  • Russian Law and Legal Culture
  • Russian Literature (focus on the XIX-XX centuries)
  • Russia in International Relations: Globalization and National Politics

  • Optional Courses

  • Russian-American Cross-Cultural Communication-1 (a Telecollaborative Course with UGA)
  • Modern Russian Government and Politics / Государство и право России. Современная политика Российской Федерации
  • The History of the Russian Orthodox Church / Проблематика влияния Русской православной церкви на процессы формирования российской культуры.
  • Russian Philosophy / Русская философия и культурология.
  • French/German/Spanish/Chinese

  • Year 3 (courses are taught mainly in Russian)

    Core Modules

  • Russian / Стилистика русского языка (continued)
  • Cross-Cultural Communication and Linguistics* / Межкультурная коммуникация и лингвокультурология
  • Media-linguistics and Russian Media / Медиалингвистика и современные российские СМИ
  • Energy Resources of Russia / Энергетические ресурсы России

  • Ресурсный потенциал как специфический фактор самобытности развития культуры в России.

  • Russian Diplomacy/ «Мягкая сила», публичная дипломатия и международное сотрудничество в области культуры во внешней политике современной России. Дипломатическая служба России

  • Optional Courses

  • *Russian-American Cross-Cultural Communication-2 (a Telecollaborative Course with UGA)
  • * History of Russian Art-2 (a Telecollaborative Course with UGA)
  • Translation and Interpreting / Практика письменного и устного перевода
  • Terminology Science. Russian for Specific Purposes / Терминоведение. Русский язык для специальных целей
  • Culture of Business Communication in Russia / Культура бизнес-коммуникации в России
  • Language Education: Teaching Russian to the Speakers of Other Languages / Методика преподавания русского языка для иностранцев


  • Expert on Russia Area Studies
  • Cultural Consultant /Communicator /Negotiator
  • Linguistic Analyst in Professional and Media Discourse
  • Cross-Cultural Communication Manager
  • Translator / Interpreter
  • Russian Language and Culture Instructor

Entry requirements

Deadline for application is August 31st, 2018.
Languages of application: English, Russian

1.Evidence of the English Language proficiency for applicants whose first language is not English.
We also recognize the value of practical experience, so please talk to us if you do not meet the academic criteria above as each application is judged on its merits. Language groups of different levels will be formed to meet the students’ requirements.
2. Evidence of academic qualifications: detailed academic transcripts showing grades;
3. A 2 page CV;
4. Personal Statement (Motivation Letter);
5. Academic and/or professional references.
6. Photocopy of your ID
7. Photo of an applicant


3 years

Preliminary registration

You have decided to attend MGIMO-University in Odintsovo – fill out the form, and we’ll notify you of forthcoming university taster days, meetings with the faculty and academic supervisors of educational programs, remind you of our calls for papers


Program description

The program is designed to prepare future professionals in Russian Culture, History and Area Studies capable to communicate effectively in a cross-cultural environment in the changing world.
Starting their studies in English, students gradually acquire profound knowledge of the Russian language which becomes a key to the first-hand understanding of the country’s culture and values.
Linguistic terminology and specific language skills acquired by our students enable them to easily analyze and create professional and media texts, read “behind the lines” and deduce culturally marked background information.

Program Benefit

Program Bonus
Our students benefit from unique opportunities of the original Tele-Communicative Projects Tasks they receive as a number of courses are taught jointly by MGIMO University and University of Georgia (USA) professors in accordance with the Cooperation Agreement between MGIMO University and University of Georgia (UGA).

Career opportunities

Business, government or industries, translation and interpreting, research, teaching

Academic Supervisor


Dr. Valentina A. Ikonnikova

Department of Linguistics and Cross-Cultural Communication, Dean, PhD (Doctoral research in Linguistics), Associate Professor